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Spring has Sprung

April 4th

Hello, I think we can all agree here in New England that we have had one heck of a winter and are yearning for warm weather. Well, before long it will be summer with temps. in the 90s and our transmissions trying to keep cool. With all the strain we have put our transmissions through this winter, whether plowing snow or just plain commuting, all internal components were working overtime and the filter, fluid and cooler were doing all they could to protect those components. If  it has been a while since your vehicles transmission has been serviced or inspected now would be a good time to have these services performed. With summer comes long road trips, towing boats or campers and loading lots of luggage and passengers in our rides. And lets not forget traffic jams when we sit on a hot freeway moving snail slow for what seems like ever. I am not going to say if you have your transmission serviced you won’t have a problem. But, an unrestricted filter, fresh fluid to lubricate and cool and in some cases an auxiliary cooler installed you may just have a better day.

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To flush or not to flush?

November 8th

To flush or not to flush, that is always the question. We often get asked how much a flush costs, is a flush needed or if a flush will fix a problem. The answer is quite complex but I will start by saying it costs too much, is most likely not needed, and highly unlikely to fix a problem. The term alone is somewhat scary, I think the term transfusion is more accurate. The cost of a transmission fluid flush usually includes lots of fluid, labor, and the payments on a very expensive machine. It usually does not include a filter or pan gasket or insight on wear. Would you ever change your engine oil without changing the filter? I doubt it. The transmission filter cannot be back flushed. Fluid can only flow in one direction throughout the transmission. In most cases a complete fluid replacement is not needed. Removing the pan replacing the filter and filter seal along with cleaning all contaminants out of pan, cleaning any magnets in pan, identifying any potential concerns in pan or under vehicle, resealing pan and replacing drained fluid has proven to be more beneficial. If a problem does exist a conventional transmission service has far greater chances of resolving and diagnosing them than using a flushing machine. There are some vehicles that change this theory a little. Many newer vehicles do not have a pan, have external spin-on filters or have internal filters that can not be changed without complete disassembly of the transmission. On such vehicles it is best to perform multiple drain and fill services rather than flushing with a machine. This procedure allows gravity and the fluid in the unit to push contaminates out of the bottom of the unit when exiting rather than agitating them with a machine, which may cause them to travel throughout the system, sticking valves and solenoids.

I hope this clarifies the subject a little, any questions please don’t hesitate to call.

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4 wheel drive

November 7th

That time of year quickly approaches, when your need for four wheel drive goes beyond mud and trails. When the snow arrives it can become a necessity not just a joy ride. Here at Verdolini’s we know what to look for to make certain it works properly, fix it when its not working and give sound advice how to help prevent failure. Such as, it is extremely  important to maintain even tread wear and same size tires on all for wheels, and proper lubricant and level be maintained at all times. A call now for an inspection or repair will ensure you make it where you want to be, or have to be, when old man winter comes calling.

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A name in the industry.

October 30th

On the 16th of January 2010 Verdolini’s Transmission Service lost our founder, Mario J Verdolini Sr. after a brief illness. All the wisdom and tricks of the trade my father has offered our business through the years will not be forgotten. His knowledge of early automatic transmission repair was a great asset to us, this  well retained information will allow us to continue providing service to early models as well as late models. Years ago in this business tools of the trade were not always available and Mario would fabricate some of these, many are still used daily. We will be reminded of his presence in the shop for years to come. To some he was a savior when they were stranded and to many he was a good friend. My father Mario Verdolini will be greatly missed.

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Welcome to our new site!

February 5th

Welcome to Verdolinis Transmission! We are proud to announce the launch of our new website. We plan on using this website as a tool for our customers to keep up on whats new with our shop and when we have any specials going on. So, please check back here from time to time.

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