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Spring has Sprung

April 4th

Hello, I think we can all agree here in New England that we have had one heck of a winter and are yearning for warm weather. Well, before long it will be summer with temps. in the 90s and our transmissions trying to keep cool. With all the strain we have put our transmissions through this winter, whether plowing snow or just plain commuting, all internal components were working overtime and the filter, fluid and cooler were doing all they could to protect those components. If  it has been a while since your vehicles transmission has been serviced or inspected now would be a good time to have these services performed. With summer comes long road trips, towing boats or campers and loading lots of luggage and passengers in our rides. And lets not forget traffic jams when we sit on a hot freeway moving snail slow for what seems like ever. I am not going to say if you have your transmission serviced you won’t have a problem. But, an unrestricted filter, fresh fluid to lubricate and cool and in some cases an auxiliary cooler installed you may just have a better day.

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